Worship with us Sundays at 9:00 & 10:45 a.m.

Men's Ministry


Our 9th Annual Bowling Competition is Tuesday, August 15! For more information and to register, CLICK HERE!


Our Vision

We want to be a place where every man has a man with whom he can be himself.

Our Mission Statement

"To intentionally focus on the men of UPC for the purpose of fostering friendship and to shepherd them towards spiritual maturity and greater involvement in service and leadership."

Our Core Values

- Devotion to Christ & His Cause
- A Pure Heart
- Bravery
- Servant Leadership

We Create Ways for Men to Foster Friendship.

Plan Quarterly Events (subject to change)
- Men's Annual Bowling - August
- Fall Ventures - November
- Men's Annual Retreat -- March
- Spring Ventures/Men's SS Class - May
Organize Sports Teams Throughout the Year (subject to change)
- Men's Softball & Co-Ed Soccer - Fall
- Men's Flag Football & Softball - Winter
- Men's Softball & Co-Ed Volleyball - Spring
- Men's Basketball & Co-Ed Soccer - Summer

We Provide Ways for Men to Grow in Spiritual Maturity

Assimilate Men & Families into LIFE Groups

We Join Other Ministries in the Church to Enable Men to Serve & Lead

Assist the Deacons
We will encourage our men to assist the deacons as they care for the widows, widowers, single parent(s), and orphans in the church.
Become an Officer
We will encourage our men to attend Matt's Officer training & consider becoming an officer.
Lead a Life Group or Ministry Team
We will encourage our men to lead a Life Group or a ministry team.